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Content Strategy

Mental health

This page is intended to compassionately introduce health plan members to their mental health options.


Care in Context

I wanted customers to have an alternative to Dr. Google when they are awake and concerned at 2 a.m. To write the pages, I looked at phone call data and anticipated next questions. The result was a 10% decrease in calls.


Tone & Voice Refresh

LifeWise got a new brand identity, and I brought it to life with tone and voice. The website needed to reflect the brand promise: We heard you and you can do this.


Video storytelling

I listened to stories, created talking points--and sometimes served as content therapist encouraging colleagues to go on camera. Here are a few of my favorites:

Not taking medication properly can lead to health problems and costly hospital stays.

Help your teen take control of their healthcare.

How a team of caregivers helped tame a mysterious disease.

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