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My Story? Thanks for asking!

How I combine news and nutrition

I started my career as a community journalist in a small town on the coast of Washington. From there, I became a homepage editor at

After nearly a decade of working in breaking news, I needed a change. So I shifted to health and wellness journalism. 

From there I decided to improve the American health system from inside a health insurance company. I gave that my all for nearly 5 years. There, I became interested in preventing chronic health conditions, so I went to grad school and became a licensed nutritionist. My focus is nutrition research. I don't sit with individual clients (but thanks for asking!)

But I can't quit journalism and content, so I combine the two.

Tracker Anxiety

I went on NBC Nightly News to speak about how health trackers can lead to anxiety. If you choose to track, I recommend limiting food and activity tracking to a week or so at a time.

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