Working with me

When you work with me, we focus on feeling well and incorporating the lifestyle changes you decide to make. 

I know making lifestyle changes isn't easy. I'm not perfect and don't expect you to be either. 

I worked hard to cut down on my sugar intake. It took noticing how bad it made me feel. I still enjoy sweets and now I follow a plant-forward, Mediterranean-inspired diet. That's right for me. We'll find an eating pattern that sustains you.

I have a master of science in nutrition from the University of New England. I am a licensed as a nutritionist with the Washington state Department of Health.

I'm available for nutrition coaching, content creation, and interviews.

15-minute sessions are $30

30-minute sessions are $60

One-hour sessions are $110


Tracker Anxiety

I went on NBC Nightly News to speak about how health trackers can lead to anxiety. If you choose to track, I recommend limiting food and activity tracking to a week or so at a time.